The 19th Century Workshop


I am excited to share this new website design and content with you. If you enjoy this type of content then that is absolutely wonderful. You came to the right spot where handshake, respect, honesty, skills, hard work and kept promises are highly respected and appreciated, just like back in the day. Unfortunately today is a whole nother story. Those secret words back in the day mean trully little today.

Some of my tools are older than 100 years and they still operate as they should. I bet it will last another 100 years if they are stored correctly. Having a large collection of old tools that is still growing is due to the amazing support that I receive on YouTube through Channel Membership, Merch, YouTube ads and sales on Etsy. Most of my tools are acquired here in Norway, through local websites for ads, on garage sales or from a friend's friend. 

A good portion of the tools in my shop are restored by me and I love using them to restore ¨new¨ old rusty tools or knives. That makes restoration even more pleasurable. I do not sell restored tools and I do not provide restoration services, just in case you wonder.

Please enjoy this website! Hope it will inspire you to restore your old tools and knives in your shop and enjoy the process.

Last but not least, I would like to say huge THANK YOU to my wonderful channel supporters, I am truly grateful for your endless support and kind words all these years:

Zujic Marina

Alexander Albach

Kathy Kelton

Stephen Robbins III

Latessa Allison

If you consider becoming a channel member you will get many great perks depending on the membership level you choose.

Money raised through the channel membership program will be used for purchase of old tools, development of the shop and unique item creation that will be exclusively offered to channel members in digital or physical form.

I would be thrilled to have on board and share new ideas about the channel and listen to your feedback that could potentially shape the FFD Restorations channel.


Beside channel membership perks I offer unique old school design merch available on Teespring. Designs are available only for a limited time. Be fast and grab your favorite design!

¨Fly press¨ design available during December 2022. Fly press design Buy now