Traditional Restorations – Woodworking – Blacksmithing

FFD Founder B.D.
FFD Founder B.D.

I dedicated the last six years hunting down hand and treadle powered tools, small hand tools and clothing from the early 1900s on my FFD Restorations journey. Hopefully I successfully created a traditional workshop atmosphere where the electricity is luxury, hard work necessary and the skilled hands priceless. I enjoy restoring tools and knives, feel the smell and the heat from the candles and to challenge my skills without any power tools.

My grandfather
My grandfather L.D.

For all of that I have to thank my grandfather who never stopped teaching me and explaining the techniques he used in his projects. Pursuing higher education I was absent from home and lost that connection with my grandfather. I haven’t had opportunities to do more projects with him like before and in the last year of college he passed away. After 12 years I still miss him a lot and I am so fortunate to have this amazing shop to remind me of him.

Today I work full time as a MLA and in my free time I try to spend as much time as I can in the shop. My goal is to pursue the pure craft from the 1900s and try to save the skills and tools used in that period. Craft seed that my grandfather planted in me is still waiting to flourish and for that I need your help! I would highly appreciate your support and help as a member of my YouTube channel.


Money will go directly into the shop and acquiring more antique tools.